Sunday, February 4, 2007

Bears Win!

The Bears are about to turn the Las Vegas odds makers into more humble human beings.

The Bears will win in a surprisingly high scoring game, coming back in the second half 32-29. The Bears' defense will harass Peyton Manning all day long, causing three interceptions. The defense will score two TD's and Devin Hester will return a punt for a TD as well. Rex Grossman will have an uninspiring, but turnover free, game throwing for just 150 yards.

Bonus Prediction: You'll have to wake me up for the start of the third quarter, having nodded off to the Prince halftime show.

Go Bears!
Addendum: I guess the professional prognosticators were better than me! I did get 1, almost 2, predictions right. I nodded off at halftime and Devin Hester did run back a kick for a score.
Hats off to the Colts this time around. They were definitely the better team this day!


thescoundrel said...

On paper the Colts look a better team. But the Super Bowl is not about the past. The Super Bowl is about which team is the best on the day it is played.

Dave said...

That's why the play the games!

Besides, rock-paper-scissors was never a good place to show the new commercials!

thescoundrel said...

Hmm well if the Bears offensive and defensive line does not step and start making plays this is going to be a long night for Bear fans. They need to start knocking their couterparts back on their team fannies if the Bears are to turn around this game.

pioneer98 said...

Dave, never get suckered into trying to predict sports. The million talking heads that have been analyzing the game for the past 2 weeks get paid to predict games, and not even all of them got 2 out of 3 right. That's why I like baseball: people know it is unpredictable, so a lot fewer try.

Dave said...

Don't worry, I'm not quittin' my day job yet!

thescoundrel said...

It was a good game. The Bears lost to a better team. They fought the elements and a great team. Both teams made mistakes and despite the Colts were clearly better on their game, the Bears could have won. There is no shame in losing as long as you put your best foot forward. The game was still winnable until the late fourth quarter interception. In my estimation that was the final nail in the coffin. I hate to repeat the old Cubby saying but, Wait Till Next Year!